Senior Financial Analyst

Job Duties:


1. Financial Monitoring, Modeling, and Analysis

  • Analyze financial results, trends, and metrics on a monthly basis and with with senior management to communicate their net results;
  • Communicate key drivers in regards to the full financial profit and loss statement (sales, AGM customer drivers, adjustments, etc);
  • Post a specified list of journal entries at month end. Review the internal Financial Statements for errors before they are published. Review expenses and operating statements including COGS (Cost of Goods Sold), product, and overhead costs.
  • Analyze results and provide actionable insights on multiple levels (product, sales channel, etc.)
  • Perform ROI analysis, scenario modeling, and provide decision support for future business planning decisions and investments; Design and build analyses to provide insight on business trends and opportunities
  • Conduct and lead quarterly/monthly financial business reviews with Divisions and/or supported areas of responsibility
  • Provide guidance and specialized expertise to Project Managers, Analysts and Associate Analysts in the department
  • Create, update and maintain financial models for operating expense-forecasting of Kentex Corp’s operation;
  • Maintain weekly, quarterly and annual Area/Segment level booking and PL forecasting;
  • Forecast future revenues and expenditures to establish cost structures and determine capital budgeting;
  • Perform financial projections by comparing historical results against budgets and forecasts and performing variance analysis to explain differences in performance and recommend improvements for the future;
  • Conduct scenario analysis for projects to assess net present value of returns & internal rate of return for Kentex Corp, gauging Kentex Corp’s overall financial health, primarily by using key financial ratios, such as current ratio, interest coverage ratio and debt-to-equity ratio;
  • Execute quantitative analysis and advanced modeling to estimate the sales of home textile products;

2. Industry Research & Risk Management Analysis

  • Conduct research and analysis in the following elements in the home textile market: key business drivers, competitive environment, opportunities, trends, and operating metrics based on data;
  • Review industry events through internal and external sources and apply Porter’s Five Forces Model and SWOT Analysis to identify industry risks, trends, and operational strengths and weaknesses of Kentex Corp;
  • Monitor how new regulations, such as trade war, policies, political trends, and economic trends may impact Kentex Corp’s financial performance;
  • Understand and explain internal and external drivers impacting performance and trending.

3. Engagement for Capital Raise/Collaboration Advisory

  • Conduct limited due diligence review on assigned projects, evaluate the corresponding capital investment decision by looking at weighted average cost of capital (WACC);
  • Review, refine, or draft Term Sheets, formal Private Placement Memorandums or project business plan as needed;
  • Research internal collaborators or external accredited investor databases to compile and develop a targeted investor/collaborator list for each assigned project profile by region, state of projects, and other critical elements.

4. Prepare monthly forecasts and annual budgets for assigned products

5. Other Responsibilities

  • Using presentation software such as PowerPoint and Tableau, compile marketing documents such as Executive Summaries to assist in marketing investment proposals;
  • Collaborate with product divisions and sales to drive improved profitability
  • Create marketing documents that include analyses of Kentex Corp’s key competitiveness.


Minimum Requirements: Master of Business Administration or Master’s degree in Finance.


Location: Columbus Ohio


Send Resume To:


Attn: Carol Kuo

Kentex Corp.

750 Twin Rivers Dr, Columbus OH 43215



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